Baby Boomers on the Move to Mexico

Baby Boomers on the Move to Mexico

Are you a “Baby Boomer”? If you were born between 1946 and 1964, you would fall into the category of baby boomer according to statistics. If you are a baby boomer right now, you might be thinking about how you will spend your retirement and what new adventures you hope to embark upon. As your children move away from home and build their own families or you find yourself alone, perhaps divorces or widowed, it is important to reinvent your life anew; and what better way that with a move to Mexico!

Baby Boomers on the Move to Mexico

Here are some tips that baby boomers might want to consider when considering a move to Mexico, either part-time or full-time.

What are the issues that Baby Boomers face?

Most baby boomer retirees will have to deal with fixed incomes which are, for most people, considerably lower than before. Aside from that, costs of living around the world are increasing alongside taxes like property taxes, which eat away a significant part of your allowance. With all these negative situations, many are looking to move to Mexico for a place to spend a simple but convenient lifestyle.

Here are the attractive reasons why a move to Mexico is an ideal choice:

Enjoy life for less

Wouldn’t it be great if you could spend the rest of your life in a country where you can stretch your income and at the same time enjoy fewer financial demands? Mexico offers attractive alternatives with its lower property taxes and household expenses compared to other countries like Canada, Europe and the US. Most Baby Boomers are making positive choices and experiencing an overall lower cost of living when they choose to move to Mexico.

Owning a Property in Mexico

Many Baby Boomers, especially those with big family homes, are deciding to “downsize” their houses to afford secondary properties abroad or to have smaller houses in their homelands. Retired people usually buy a home overseas as a place to spend the cold season and as additional income through rental fees. Still, there are many who choose to break from their homeland and permanently reside in their newly-acquired properties abroad. Mexico provides affordable and great options for buying real estate that is both affordable and comfortable.

Enjoying Attractive Features

Not only do many baby boomers in Canada and the US look to Mexico as their ideal place for retirement because of lower living costs but also because of additional benefits: nearness to the US and Canada, excellent roads and air transport facilities, modern healthcare facilities, good infrastructure and amenities, and a great climate. Likewise, you can enjoy life’s luxuries for less in Mexico, taking advantage of beauty treatments, regular massages, gourmet dining, housekeeping services and more.

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