Benefits for Over 60s Expats in Mexico

Benefits for Over 60s Expats in Mexico

Are you planning on relocating to Mexico for your retirement? You better be because there has never been a better time to explore what this country can provide to citizens and even foreigners who are over the age of 60. Aside from this country’s charm and beauty, moving to Mexico also offers great savings. Not only does this country boast low cost of living compared to that of the United States, Canada, and Europe, Mexico has great discounts available to seniors, even expats!

Benefits for Over 60s Expats in Mexico

If you classify as an over 60s expat in Mexico, you should enroll for the discount card known as INAPAM or Instituto Nacional para las Personas Adultas Mayores. This card will help over 60s expats in Mexico and nationals enjoy a wide range of services and goods at impressive discount prices. Present your card to many businesses and you’ll enjoy more benefits than ever! The application process is also simple and, to your delight, is free! Here’s a sample of what your card offers:

Grocery Discounts for over 60s Expats in Mexico

Save big when you avail of food and groceries at food shops, grocery chains, and convenience stores.

Eating Out for Less for over 60s Expats in Mexico

When you go out to eat, you may save more while enjoying your favourite dishes in cafes, diners, or restaurant chains.

Healthcare Benefits for over 60s Expats in Mexico

Medicines and healthcare in Mexico already costs less compared to other countries like the U.S. and Europe. Seniors can avail of discounts for medicines and medical services from doctors, dentists, and medical specialists when they show their INAPAM discount card.

Arts and Culture Enjoyment for over 60s Expats in Mexico

Find more discounts at various museums, art galleries, and archaeology parks and bookstores when you can prove you are over 60 years old.

Over 60s Expats in Mexico can Party for Less

Seniors who are planning a party at their location are usually given discounts by party halls and other types of venues (salon de fiestas).

Transportation Savings for over 60s Expats in Mexico

Travel with less worry and more savings as you avail of the discounts on fares from bus companies, airlines, and even local taxis.

Discount on Property Taxes and Water Bills for over 60s Expats in Mexico

Your discount card also provides a discount on your annual property taxes (predial). Some municipalities also provide water bill discounts to seniors.

Other Discounts

Remember to always present your card and ask for available discounts in any businesses that you are dealing with or availing of products or services. Discount offerings may vary or may not always be offered but it is good to no note that the following businesses generally provide discounts for for over 60s Expats in Mexico: accountants, legal firms, construction companies, hardware stores, electricians, gyms, locksmiths, plumbers, car service and repair centers, printers, dry cleaners, veterinary services, florists, art stores, jewelry shops, beauty salons, clothing stores and so much more.


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