Best Reasons to be a Snowbird in Puerto Vallarta

What are the best reasons to be a snowbird in Puerto Vallarta? A few of the best reasons is trading the snow and ice for warmth and sun in Puerto Vallarta. Thousands of snowbirds have done this and more and more are joining in. Puerto Vallarta has beach rentals, resort clubs, and full ownership and rotating ownership available for snowbirds. Make Puerto Vallarta your home away from home when you become a snowbird.

Here are the best reasons to be a snowbird in Puerto Vallarta:

  1. Leave the Snow and Icy Winters

The winter months from October to the end of April are the best months to come to Puerto Vallarta. This is the time that you can leave the snow and icy winters behind you and head to the warm and sunshine that is a daily thing in Puerto Vallarta. If you are retired or you are able to take time off, then Puerto Vallarta can be the place that you can be, so you can leave the snow and ice behind you. We have a solution for properties perfect for you.

  1. Life’s Luxuries Cost Less In Puerto Vallarta

First, don’t think that owning a second property in Puerto Vallarta isn’t affordable or that it is only available for those who are wealthy, because the cost of living is far less here than it is in where you live. One thing that you will quickly notice is that you won’t have to run the heat or air conditioning in Banderas Bay, because the weather is balanced, so this means the energy costs are lower. Did you know that five star dining, taxis, clothing, food, and spa treatments are also cheaper in Puerto Vallarta? They are much cheaper.

  1. A Thriving Community – The Snowbird Community

The snowbird community is a thriving community with a variety of fun things to do, which include the writer’s group, the ArtWalk, live music bars, the Act Two theatre, and much more. Many of the snowbirds do a lot of volunteer work too such as protect stray animals, help out at the library, support orphanages and much more.

  1. Medical Privileges

One of the benefits of being a snowbird in Puerto Vallarta is the medical privileges. The healthcare here is far more affordable for snowbirds than back home. Snowbirds will have plastic surgery, teeth procedures, and hip surgeries performed here, because the costs is so much cheaper. The healthcare is performed by qualified doctors, dentists, and plastic surgeons, so you don’t have to worry about receiving bad healthcare.

  1. International Flights are a Breeze

One great benefit of being a snowbird in Puerto Vallarta is the international flights that arrive in Banderas Bay all throughout the day. United, Delta, WestJet, and Air Canada are a few of the airlines that snowbirds can travel on, and the flights are very affordable, so your family and friends can come to Puerto Vallarta for a nice visit, so they can escape the winter months too.

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