How to Live Cheaply in Mexico

How to Live Cheaply in Mexico

If you are wanting information on how to live cheaply in Mexico so you can retire here, then you are in luck, because USA, Europe, and Canada expats will see that in Mexico the cost of living is lower and affordable. Your money will go a long way, but there are a few things that you should know so you can make sure that while living in Mexico you are doing it cheaply. If you don’t then you will be spending more money that you should. Do you want to know how to live cheaply in Mexico? If you do, then read below.

Shop in the Local Markets in Mexico

When you are ready to do your shopping in Mexico, then you should do it at the local markets instead of the farmers markets that price their organic soaps and linseed bread at San Francisco prices. You can live cheaply in Mexico by shopping at the local markets where the locals do their shopping. You can purchase your fruit and veggies at an affordable price at the local markets.

Use Public Transport in Mexico

Purchasing a car is expensive in Mexico compared to purchasing one in Canada or the United States, and the paperwork and cost to import your car is very expensive, but if you use public transport in Mexico you will see that it is very cheap and regular to do. Uber has even arrived to many cities in Mexico, which is another way to get around at an affordable price. You can live cheaply in Mexico without a car.

Happy Hour Party

You can go out and party at an affordable price in Mexico if you go when it is happy hour or you use coupons or special offers. You can enjoy delicious and cheap cocktails every night if you plan it out right in Mexico. You can certainly live cheaply in Mexico and still enjoy yourself. 

Local Dining

You may have heard that Mexico has some of the best gourmet restaurants, which is true, but many times they are expensive. Some of the best restaurants can be found in the tourist areas, but they are expensive and far from being cheap. You can enjoy eating fine cuisine in Mexico when you dine out where the locals dine.

Using Coupons

Coupons are becoming very popular in Mexico as many Mexican cities are offering discounts. This will help you live cheaply in Mexico yet still enjoy the best places.  You can use coupons to save money with dining, theater tickets, and massages. You should make sure that all of the local offers are followed by you so you can save yourself money using coupons.

Make Friends with Mexicans

You will have more enjoyment and fun when you make friends in Mexico, and it will also assist you in living cheap. Your friends in Mexico will be able to tell you who to hire when you need an electrician, plumber, or even a seamstress. You won’t be paying those high “gringo” prices either.

Purchase Health Insurance in Mexico

If you become sick, then it is important that you purchase health insurance in Mexico. It will save you lots of money when you need to see a doctor.

Live with Locals for Lower Electricity Bills

Many of the expats that live in Mexico are not aware that the neighborhood and area that you live will determine the cost of your electric bill. For each neighborhood the tariffs are decided. The poorer neighborhoods would pay less for their electricity than the richer neighborhoods. If the electric bill costs worries you, then you should live where the locals live instead of living in areas that are expats filled in Mexico.

As you can see, you now know how to live cheaply in Mexico.

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