Medical Repatriation Insurance for Expats in Mexico

Medical Repatriation Insurance for Expats in Mexico

Why do I need medical repatriation insurance when I have travel insurance?

Do I need medical repatriation insurance if I have health cover in Mexico?

These are just a couple of questions that expats might ask themselves about medical repatriation insurance for Mexico. Find out below if you need medical repatriation insurance for Mexico.

Medical repatriation insurance

Medical repatriation insurance is an insurance policy that provides cover to get you back home to receive urgent healthcare. This is particularly important if you do not have medical cover in the current place you are living and would be relying on optimum treatment in your home country. Many good travel insurance policies will include repatriation insurance but not all offer enough coverage to get your home in many circumstances. For example, you may be taken to the nearest country that can offer the care you need, rather than being sent home.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance does not cover you for healthcare or repatriation for longer periods of time. When your visit to Mexico is of a short-term nature, your home country may have issued a travel insurance policy that provides a limited period coverage which usually does not exceed 60 or 90 days. Many of these coverages include some form of medical repatriation but these may have some strings attached limiting the situations under which the insurance company will agree to an expensive repatriation.

Does Private Healthcare Insurance Cover Medical Repatriation?

If the reason why you come to Mexico is to become a volunteer, you are on a sabbatical trip, or you choose to live in Mexico for an extended stay, these long-term periods may not be included in your short-term travel insurance policies. Local healthcare policies which are appropriate for treatment in-country do not cover medical repatriation costs.

What are the Benefits of Medical Evacuation?

There are several circumstances where having a pre-arranged medical repatriation plan is useful. Remember that out-of-pocket costs of medical repatriation are high, even out of practical financial reach for majority of people. Your health insurance scheme or policy from your home country may cover you while you are visiting Mexico for a short-term or a defined period. The only setback is you have to be back home to avail of these services and commercial airlines will not fly you home when you are in a critical medical condition.

As you stay in Mexico, a private healthcare policy (like IMSS) is beneficial in providing you adequate healthcare coverage during your stay here. When circumstances arise when you become critically ill or injured, the ability to return home once you have stabilized will provide additional benefit. There, you have your own doctors, your local hospital, and your relatives who can attend to your needs and provide support. There is no provision to fly you home among common healthcare insurance policies that cover local medical care.

Aside from providing a private flight out of Mexico, medical repatriation gives more benefits. It also involves an accredited team of medical professionals and specially-trained medical transport specialists who will coordinate complex logistics among doctors, hospitals, airports and government agencies. Your family members are also kept apprised throughout the evacuation.

Arranging a medical repatriation plan is affordable and there is good value when you consider the expertise and the support network it offers. Having a peace of mind knowing that when a critical medical emergency arises touching you or your family, you will safely get back home, is something priceless.

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