Mexico No.1 For Retirement According to International Living

Mexico ranked as the number one contender when it comes to the best country in which to retire amongst U.S. expats. International Living announced the result of this poll which was based on several factors such as cost of living, fitting into the local climate, and ease of obtaining visas and residency. International Living is one of the foremost authorities for global retirement and relocation statistics and so it comes as a great honor for Mexico to be ranked in the No.1 spot for retirement.

Mexico No.1 for Retirement

According to statistics, over one million American expats are living presently in Mexico, thanks to the attractive places to relocate, and the easy transition of living there. The numbers of people set on retirement abroad are expected to continue to grow as time passes and Mexico shows no signs of being any less attractive as a retirement option.

International Living’s Retirement Ranking

Mexico outshone a number of other countries for the No.1 spot. Included in the top 10 list were Panamá, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Colombia, Malaysia, Spain, Nicaragua, Portugal and Malta.

Find out why Mexico is No.1 for retirement below:


While Mexico is a Spanish speaking country, many Mexicans are well-versed in the English language so communication will not be a hindrance when you stay there. You will not feel intimidated when you cannot speak in Spanish since there are many with whom you can converse with in English. From the coastal areas to the big cities, Mexicans are a very friendly nation and will try to communicate as best they can. Likewise, Spanish is one of the most enjoyable languages to learn. Taking Spanish lessons will be a great way to meet new people and integrate yourself into the community.

Easy Accessibility for North Americans

Mexico’s top destinations like Puerto Vallarta, Cabo and Cancun offer direct flights to and from most major cities in the U. S. You can also find many cheap flights through budget airlines. This means that it is easy to get back home should any emergencies arise and your friends and family are more likely to visit you.

Affordability – More for your money south of the border

From food and housing expenses to health coverage, Mexico offers relatively low cost living. You will find you can live a comfortable life here without spending as much as you would in your home country, which means your retirement funds will stretch further.

Favorable Exchange Rates

The recent exchange rates have become more and more favorable for the U.S. dollar. It’s the best time to take advantage of these historic numbers. Buying property is also a great idea right now.

Amazing Entertainment and Facilities

Most of the conveniences available in major cities in the U.S. can also be found in Mexico. You will find your home favorites like Costco and Walmart, and also food chains and world-class dining options. There are also movie theaters showing English movies, festivals for various occasions, musical acts that tour the major cities and a range of colorful nightlife.

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