Packing up Your Home and Moving

Getting your things ready for moving house is very stressful and daunting.  It means days of hard work, where you have to pack and put everything in order for a smooth transfer.  Relocation carries a lot of adjustment both physically, psychologically and mentally.  To prepare yourself and prevent hassles, here are good tips that can be very useful when packing up your home and moving.

  1. Prepare your boxes

Prepare your boxes

Some people just stuff as much as they can into each box, not caring much if it looks bad and disorganized.  As long as they see space, they’ll cram it, which can eventually rip the sides of the boxes and damage your possessions.  This way of packing boxes is definitely not right.  One important thing to remember is to maximize the total space of the box, and one way to achieve it is to do it in an organized manner, where everything is neatly in place.

  1. Label your boxes

Label your boxes

The best advice when moving is to label your boxes clearly so that you do not have to open them upon arrival to know what they are. Sounds simple, but you have no idea how many people forget to do this. Labeling your moving boxes helps too if you have been organized when packing, keeping similar items together, as there might be some boxes that should not be opened until you are more settled, like the books which need a bookshelf to be put up first, or your mother’s best china.

  1. Make a schedule

Make a schedule

When you plan to move in a month’s time, it’s wise to start your packing today.  Preparing for such an event means organizing your schedule, seeing to it that with each passing day you accomplished something.  Don’t wait for the last few days, hours or minutes before acting.  It’s a smart move that will keep it cool, smooth and free flowing.

  1. Keep an essentials box and label it

Keep an essentials box and label it

There are some things that you might need in an instant, thus, you must gain fast access to it.  Cell phones, toiletries, bed sheets, make-up kits are some of them.  Be sure to separate them, put them in noticeable boxes, or better yet mark them or put some tags to it.  This way they can be easily identified, and will save you a lot of time and effort.

  1. Leave your past behind

You don’t need to take everything that you have accumulated for the past decade, so moving is a great opportunity for you to be ruthless with your past and de-clutter. Moving is time to throw out or recycle. Those items you think are no good to anyone should be put into the trash can, while those things that other people can use can be disposed as donations for charities or less fortunate people. You can also profit from some of your valuable things by selling them to others.  Have a garage sale or find a website on the internet where you can advertise them.

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