Restaurant Options on Puerto Vallarta’s South Shore

Learn just why foodies should go Puerto Vallarta’s South Shore often.

Many of the expats who live in Banderas Bay and visitors to the area like to eat in downtown Puerto Vallarta, where they can find a great deal of delicious food options. It is key to know that you can go beyond the cobblestone streets and travel a bit farther south towards Mismaloya to reach numerous restaurant venues with magnificent culinary choices. Not only that, but there also is a rich history and a sense of charm, with beautiful views to top it all off.

Where can you go to get an amazing meal on the South Shore of Puerto Vallarta? (Closest to farthest)

Bocados SKT Garza Blanca Preserve

Bistro Teresa: This is only about two minutes south of the gas station at the edge of the town. Many snowbirds enjoy eating at the bistro when they visit Puerto Vallarta to escape the cold. It is small yet chic, so you should make a reservation. The lovely view overlooks a romantic setting. As you receive attention from its owners, you certainly will feel at home.

Lindomar: Locals like to visit Hotel Lindomar for brunch at La Playita on Sundays. This overlooks the Conchas Chinas Beach, so you should expect there to be crowds if you go on the weekend. If you’d rather keep away from them, be sure to go to breakfast there during the week. Bring a towel and go for a quick swim in the ocean.

Costa Sur

When you go to Hotel Costa Sur, you are able to visit the great oceanside restaurant known as La Cascada. At this venue, they offer breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. However, people seem to love their weekend brunches the most. They are held every Sunday and some Saturdays. You may choose between delicious traditional Mexican dishes such as tamales, or American foods. Take advantage of the unlimited mimosas!

Garza Blanca Preserve Puerto Vallarta

There are a number of gourmet options that are available to you at Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa. A more recent fine dining venue there is Hiroshi, which is located at Hotel Mousai. They serve Japanese fusion delicacies with many different textures, techniques and ingredients that are found in Asian cuisine typically. BocaDosSTK is a phenomenal steakhouse that has amazing cuts of meat and gorgeous views, as well as an award-winning wine cellar.

Mismaloya Beach

The location at which Night of the Iguana was filmed features a jade colored sea that has been forgotten by many people. You can eat a meal of various fresh fare, such as ceviche, quesadillas or whole red snapper, then take a walk to see the set. The restaurants are very casual there. You’re sure to be bombarded by many of the hosts, asking you to visit their restaurants. Try out some of the calmer ones farther south of Puerto Vallarta. That way, you will have less people around and may even get to enjoy a massage or daybed on or near the beach.

Le Kliff

This was featured in the Guinness Book of Records for having the biggest palapa roof in 1984 as well as 1985. The Puerto Vallarta south shore restaurant is at the edge of an impressive cliff. The bar and restaurant that are a part of this venue are a favored place for weddings, which are made to seem like they are floating out to the edge of the cliff. Anyone can have lunch and dinner there, though it is best to call and make a reservation in case they are holding a wedding at the time.

Boca de Tomatlan

This little hub of activity is a place where there are boats that set off to Yelapa, Las Animas, Quimixto and other boutique hotels. None of these hotels have road access. When you’re in Boca de Tomatlan, live the simple life and enjoy some grilled fish made over open coals. Also, the margaritas are absolutely amazing! You’ll find a great humble environment that is the perfect depiction of the real Mexico. Experience the richness of this fishing village where the river meets the sea. The buses and taxis are waiting nearby to bring you anywhere you would like once you are done.

Vallarta Botanical Gardens

If you would like something a bit more special when staying in Puerto Vallarta, and you don’t mind traveling farther south, the Vallarta Botanical Gardens Restaurant has amazing surroundings for you to behold. View the hundreds of tropical plants that are native to the area before or after you dine on breakfast or lunch. You must pay a small amount to enter the gardens, but this does go to the conservation of the nonprofit garden. Also, they offer a menu that is a la carte.

Las Animas Beach

Go by a water taxi from either Boca de Tomatlan or Los Muertos Pier in Puerto Vallarta for a great adventure and a chance to take in the magnificent sights. Las Animas contains several beachfront restaurants from which you can choose. Many of them serve seafood of course, though you also can find fajitas and vegetarian fare, among many other things. Pick out a pie from one of the women who carry them on baskets on their heads.

El Tuito

This is about an hour from downtown Puerto Vallarta, heading south. This typical Mexican town is charming, and features a main plaza that is wonderful. Take in the sights there as you watch children rehearsing their folklore ballet shows. The amazing food includes tacos, pozole, tostadas and a whole lot more. El Divisadero provides you with a fine dining experience that you are sure never to forget. Travel along the highway headed to Yelapa, about 10 minutes away. The grilled meats, exotic margarita offerings, fresh tortillas and birria will have you in awe. Check out the raicilla distillery and see if you can find a bottle to take with you!

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