It is Safe to Live in Mexico – See Why


After all the news headlines on violence related to drugs in Mexico, you might ask if this country is still a safe place for you to live. Read further and find out the real situation happening there and why Mexico is still among the safest places to live and enjoy life.

See why it is safe to live in Mexico… read on.

Location, location, location

Like anywhere in the world, where you live will have a bearing on how safe it is. While Mexico gets a bad rap in general about its safety, many of the places that foreigners choose to live are indeed some of the safest places in the world. The media coverage of events in Mexico tend to show only the most violent news and forget to mention that Mexico is one of the biggest counties in the world.

Growth of Economy

Mexico is a growing economy; in 2016 its economy grew by 5.5%, something that many industrialized countries might envy. It is a country that has attracted many new trade agreements helping it to gain status as one of the world’s “Trillion Dollar” economies.

Lack of Expat’s Leaving the Country

When looking at whether it is safe to live in Mexico, all you have to consider are how many foreigners are living there. If it was unsafe to live in Mexico you would usually expect that expats would leave and go back to the comfort of their home countries. On the contrary, the evidence today points to the fact that more people than ever are choosing to move to Mexico to live and work. At present, even with reports of drug-related violence in the country, no expat exodus is happening. In reverse, more and more foreigners are considering to transfer residence in Mexico.

The government has a positive outlook on expanding the expat communities in the coming years. There are policies and procedures already taking place to ensure this is possible considering the financial and cultural advantages this development can offer. If there is indeed insecurities and unmanageable threats in Mexico, why are these expats staying and even more are encouraged to join them?

Minimal Effect of Violence to the Majority of People

Recent government reports clearly indicate that the violence that is happening in the country is limited to gang members and is something that rarely affects the general public. Statistics show that foreign visitors, either for business or tourism purposes are not affected by this violence.

Mexico’s Crucial Role

The reason why drug lords operate in this country is the desire to take control of the overland trade routes to and from this country to other nearby countries. Being located south of the U.S., Mexico is expected to play a major role in world affairs this century. A working partnership with the United States will greatly improve the situation since these narcotic markets operating in the U.S. is what these drug lords are eyeing upon.

Mexico Will Stay Firm

Even with these drug-related violent situations happening in the country, Mexico ensures its economics are doing well. Its oil and gas reserves and other resources such as minerals and precious metals, are attracting more foreign investments even with these negative news. The trades with foreign countries, the safe conditions of expats, and the current statistics are evidences of a crime rate much lower than the neighboring cities of the United States.

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