Second Homes Abroad for 2016 – Puerto Vallarta

As the spring approaches and 2015 now seems like a distant memory, thoughts and plans for the year 2016 begin to fill our minds. 2015 saw an encouraging increase in the financial markets and a projected boost in real estate sales. It is now an advantageous time to make plans for the future and consider investing in a second residence in Puerto Vallarta for you and your family.

Why 2016 is the year for second homes abroad

With the economy looking like it will take an encouraging upturn, 2016 can be one of the best years to commit to buying a second home abroad. Many potential investors can find house prices affordable in many locations all over the world. Because of the closeness of Mexico to North America, many home seekers from the United States, Canada and even Europe, find Puerto Vallarta a popular location to consider.

Second homes abroad makes financial sense

Many reasons exist when considering purchasing a property abroad. Home-seekers looking to invest their pounds, euros or dollars in a second home abroad, find the lower cost of living in foreign countries a major positive consideration. With Mexican exchange rates being weaker against other major currencies in the world, you can get more value for money and live in a more luxurious lifestyle buying a property in Mexico without using up all of your savings. Second homes abroad is a great choice, especially in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

Garza Blanca Signature Residences for your Second Home Abroad

Why not consider Garza Blanca Signature Residences Puerto Vallarta for your second home abroad in 2016. A range of opulent properties offered by Garza Blanca Signature Residences await, all of which are located on the southern shores of Puerto Vallarta, making ideal second homes for all types of investors, families or couples interested in buying in Mexico.

The Garza Blanca resort, nestled within the jungle covered mountains in Puerto Vallarta, can offer two and three bedroom lavish beachfront condos, modern three bedroom ocean view apartments and a range of individual penthouses also with ocean views. The enclosed resort consists of an 85-acre beachfront nature preserve that offers residents 5-star hotel facilities including pools, gourmet restaurants, a spa, tennis courts, gym and many more amenities.

Deeded Full and Fractional Second Homes in Puerto Vallarta

Purchasing one of the Garza Blanca Signature Residences in Puerto Vallarta for your second home abroad for 2016 can be done in many ways. Developer financing is one method, and another, an inexpensive choice, is the deeded fractional purchase. Fractional purchases come in monthly options, choosing between a rotating winter fraction, an off-season rotating fraction or a special summer vacation fraction that alternates between the month of July and August. Garza Blanca Signature Residences bring you the choices to enable you to fulfill your dreams should you want to sign up to full second home ownership or even a larger venture.

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