Tipping Etiquette in Mexico

What is the tipping etiquette in Mexico? Tipping is customary in most places around the world when you receive good service, and in Mexico it is no different. While it is not illegal to leave without tipping, it is frowned upon. Also service industry workers in Mexico don’t make a large wage, so they rely heavily on all the tips they receive. Tipping doesn’t just tell the worker that they have provided you with good service, but it also shows appreciation too, making for good karma. Leaving a good tip may also help you if you are a repeat customer, as the staff will soon recognize you when you arrive as the person who leaves great tips.

Can you tip in dollars?

When it comes to tipping etiquette in Mexico, any currency is welcome than nothing at all! While pesos are the most practical option for the person you are tipping, US dollars are welcome too (to a lesser extent, Canadian dollars and Euros are acceptable if you really have no choice). Remember to only leave bills if you are leaving a foreign currency as coins cannot be exchanged at the banks.

What is the standard on tipping?

It is always up to you how much you tip, but as a general rule of thumb, tipping should be based upon the service that you have received. A standard tip in the tourist areas of Mexico is between 15% and 20%, while 10% is pretty standard in other parts of Mexico.

Tipping Waiters and Barmen

When dining at eateries and restaurants in Mexico, it is customary to leave at least 10%-20% of the bill before any discounts have been added. In some of the eateries and restaurants in Mexico the tip is already included as a service charge, particularly if you are dining as a larger group of five people or more. Always check to see if the service charge has been added.

Mexican Hotels and Resorts

When you are staying in a Mexican hotel or resort you should remember to have some small bills with you to tip various people, particularly upon arrival. Bellhops and maids are your obvious choices for tips. A two or three dollar tip (20-50 pesos) is suitable for the bellhop if he/she has assisted you with your luggage. The maid should be tipped two to three dollars each day (20-50 pesos). If you have the same maid each day, you might want to tip at the end of your stay, making sure the day you leave is not their day off! However, if there is a different person cleaning your room each day, you might want to think about tipping two to three dollars a day (20-50 pesos).


Tipping taxi drivers is not common in Mexico but certainly appreciated. The only time that you should really think about tipping the taxi driver is when they assist you with your luggage. Ten pesos for each bag is a good rule of thumb.

Packers of Groceries

Senior citizens and teens are usually the ones that pack groceries in Mexico’s supermarkets. Remember that the grocery packers don’t get a paycheck as they are working strictly on tips. You should tip the grocery packers at least two pesos for each bag that they pack for you.

Tours and Day Trips

It is customary to tip between ten and twenty percent of the tour cost to the tour guide for day trips. For multi-day tours in a group you should tip the leader of the tour three to five dollars a day, while for multi-day private tours, ten dollars is about right. Also consider tipping two dollars for each day for the driver of the tour bus.

Mexican Gas Stations

All of the gas stations in Mexico are completely full service, which means you can stay in your car and have someone fill up your tank for you. You should tip the gas station service worker five to ten pesos. If the gas station service worker checks your oil, then tires, and cleans the windshield for you, then you should tip them more. Around 10 pesos per service is usually fine.

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