Ways to Save Living in Mexico

ways to save living in mexico

Are you wanting to save money? Are you wanting your retirement fund to go further? If you are, then living in Mexico is a way to do that. European, Canadian, and US expats are moving to Mexico to live a better life where everything is cheaper. Your money will go a long way in Mexico. There are important things that you should know though. There are ways to save living in Mexico and the information below will make sure that you won’t spend more money than you should in Mexico.

Here are just a few tips on ways to save living in Mexico…

  1. Do Your Shopping Locally

When we tell you to do your shopping locally we don’t mean at the Farmers Markets that charge high prices for their homemade soaps or linseed bread because they charge San Francisco prices for their goods. When we tell you to do your shopping locally we mean to shop at the local markets where you live in Mexico. You can save money on fresh produce, fresh fruit, and fresh vegetables.

  1. Use Public Transportation in Mexico

If you are thinking that you will just import your car to Mexico, then you should know that the paperwork is massive and it is very expensive to do, but what about purchasing a car in Mexico? Purchasing a car in Mexico is expensive compared to the car prices in Canada or in the USA. If you are wanting to get around in Mexico, then you should use public transportation because it is very cheap to do and the public transportation is reliable and regular. The taxis are affordable too, and lately Uber is arriving in Mexico too that you can use. Living in Mexico without a car is totally possible, at least why you decide whether to import your car from home or purchase anew.

  1. Happy Hour in Mexico

You can party in Mexico without it costing you a fortune. When you want to go out and party you should first see where the places are that are offering happy hour or even coupons. When you know all the places that have happy hour you will be able to enjoy affordable cocktails every night of the week if you want without it costing you a fortune.

  1. Dining in Mexico

Some of the best gourmet restaurants can be found in Mexico. Many of these restaurants cost a lot of money and can be found in the top tourists destinations. You can dine in Mexico without spending a lot of money when you dine where the locals dine. Living in Mexico and eating well is a sure thing.

  1. Save Money with Coupons

Thankfully, many of the cities in Mexico are now joining the coupon craze where you can use coupons to get your meals discounted, go to the movies, or even the spa. You should always look for coupon offers to save yourself a lot of money in Mexico.

  1. Mexican Friends

You should start making friends when you relocate to Mexico. Not only will having Mexican friends bring companionship to you, but it will also allow you to live affordably in Mexico. Your friends will tell you who to call when you need a plumber, mechanic, or a reliable handyman. You won’t be ripped off with the ‘gringo’ prices when your friends recommend someone for you.

  1. Purchasing Health Insurance in Mexico

It may surprise you to know that the health insurance in Mexico is very affordable when living in Mexico. You should purchase health insurance in Mexico so you can save money on doctor and healthcare bills.

  1. Affordable Electric Bills

Where you live can determine the costs for your electric bills, which many expats don’t realize. The poorer neighborhoods pay less while the exclusive neighborhoods will pay more as the tariffs are put into place for each area. If you want affordable electric bills, then you should consider living in areas where more locals reside.

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