How to decorate your home in the tropics

Buying a home in Puerto Vallarta is a great thing, that’s why the “baby boomers” and national vacationers are flocking to its shores. The problem is that the climate in the tropics is so different from that of the colder regions where many of these ex-pats hail, and as a result they all seem to make the same mistakes when it comes to furnishing their new homes. You see the hot, humid climate of the tropics means that homes, and their furnishings, need special TLC and maintenance to keep them in tip top shape.

How to decorate your home in the tropics
Even though Puerto Vallarta has plenty of modern high rise apartments that rival those of New York and Miami, and yes they will tend to have great air con, but this doesn’t fully off-set the climate you can expect for your home in the tropics. Your first stop should be the wave of furniture and DIY branches that have opened around Banderas Bay, representing stores from the nearby Guadalajara, as they are companies native to the area who will provide furnishings that will be more likely to withstand Mexico’s heat and humidity.

If you have recently become an owner of a Puerto Vallarta home then you should make use of our top tips on how to decorate your home in the tropics!

1. CONSIDER AN INTERIOR DESIGNER: It might seem unnecessary, but hiring an interior designer could really help you to get your home just right. You see they’ll know more about what is going to hold up under the conditions while still looking good.

When considering an interior designer you should interview a few and compare the prices, attitude, portfolio and references each has. The thing about your relationship with a decorator is that they can be better than all competitors and still not be guaranteed to please you. Chemistry is as big a part of the equation as anything else. Compare quotes and don’t hesitate to stick to your budget, but compensate a little if you feel you can because the results and your happiness at the end of the process are really what matter.

2. DO THE JOB YOURSELF): If time is really not an issue for you then you would really benefit from spending some time in the stores in and around Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara. The options on offer might not quite be your cup of tea, but they can certainly show you what is on offer and what could work in your new home.

3. DECORATION FOR RENTALS: If you’re going to rent your property out then you should definitely hire an interior decorator. You see they are very experienced in dealing with homes that get a lot of traffic (whether it be from social gatherings or because it’s a vacation let) and they’ll be able to help you find furnishings that are able to withstand heat, direct sunlight, and of course the stress of salt, sand and children!

4. WEAR AND TEAR: Metal details on furniture and drapery may look good, but in the humidity of coastal Mexico it’s likely to rust and corrode. This is a real frustration, we know, and if you absolutely must have metal details then we suggest using WD40 as a form of preventative maintenance. Plastics are also another issue. The modern era has provided us with many options when it comes to furnishing our homes, and has produced many affordable things, but beware! Plastic furnishings should be kept out of direct sunlight as they will disintegrate slowly and produce a truly horrible smell.

5. LESS IS MORE: In the kind of heat that Mexico is used to too many furnishings will only serve to make your home claustrophobic. Make like a Mediterranean and keep your home spacious, minimalistically outfitted and light.

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