Checklist for Mexico Relocating

Mexico Relocating

For the next step in your life, you decided that moving to Mexico is ideal, but how can you make the move happen? There are so many benefits and reasons that make Mexico ideal for relocating, which include starting your own business, a great job was offered to you, retiring where it is warm, or just the adventure and beauty that Mexico has. Before you can move to Mexico you need to have a plan and agenda, so you can do everything you need to before you relocate.

Here is a checklist for Mexico relocating:


Documents are at the top of the checklist for Mexico relocating, because you have to have a passport and visa before you travel to Mexico. Make sure you get all your important document prior to relocating and a few of the important documents may be your marriage license, birth certificates, and certificates and diplomas.

Decide What to Take when relocating

You may want to leave any big items if you don’t think you will be relocating to Mexico permanently. You can either sell the larger items or place them into storage. You should just take the items that are a necessity. In Mexico, there are plenty of rentals that are completely furnished or you can wait and see what items you need once you arrive in Mexico. If you plan on storing your larger items, then you can bring these items after you have relocated and are fully settled in.

Housing in Mexico

Before you relocate to Mexico you should give notice to your landlord if you are renting, and if you own your home, then you can choose to rent it, sell it, or just leave it empty for the time being. Once you decide you are relocating to Mexico, then that is when you should start your housing search.


Before relocating to Mexico with children, you should start searching private schools, then when you arrive in Mexico you can tour the private schools, then decide which one meets your children’s needs. You should also bring your children’s transcripts and report cards with you and arrange for the last day of attendance for your children. If your child is involved with sports activities, then you should notify them that you are relocating to Mexico.


It is possible to bring your pets with you when you relocate to Mexico. You should bring a certificate of health and any shot records from your veterinarian prior to arriving in Mexico.


You can close all your banking accounts and cancel any of the credit cards that you won’t be using before relocating to Mexico. You must be sure to pay all your bills that are pending, then disconnect cell phone, cable, internet, utilities, magazines, newspapers, car or health insurance, and any gym memberships and services.

This is a valuable checklist for Mexico relocating. Use this checklist and mark off each one when you have completed that task.

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