Condo Hotels Versus Timeshare

Are Condos a Good Investment?

Condo Hotels Versus Timeshare

Condos have been growing in popularity over single-family homes for years, and this steady rise shows no signs of stopping. If you’re considering moving home, or are looking into buying a first home then you’ve no doubt considered more than one or two options regarding apartments, condos and houses… but maybe you’ve not come to a definitive answer yet? Let us run down the list of reasons as to why condos are the best choice for some people;

Save some dollars

On the whole, condos generally cost less per square foot than a single family home in the same condition and area. This means they are especially good for first time buyers, retirees, and young families.

Less responsibility

A condo is the best first-time home, or retirement pad, as there are less responsibilities than are generally involved with owning a family home. They’re generally move-in ready, and boast a convenient, low-maintenance lifestyle to those who are generally too busy to deal with all the milieu of home-ownership.

Get to know your neighbors

Social people will love condo living as these buildings tend to have bigger communities than a neighborhood of single-home families would usually have, and as such there’s a better chance of you finding a group you click with. Whether you’re walking the dog, or getting the mail you’ll have plenty of chances to make new friends.

Perfect for the DIY Shy

Those who are not particularly handy, or who don’t like the idea of physical labor will find condo living to your liking. Outdoor and structural maintenance will most likely be covered by the condo association fees which you pay.

Luxury Amenities

It is true that the amenities on offer in condo buildings differ in each case, but it is also the case that most will offer a few extra perks and benefits that you won’t get from owning a single family home. These may be a few things that make your life a little easier, or big things like on site pools and fitness centres.

Condo living is not perfect for everyone, but it definitely has its benefits.

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