Fractional Real Estate at Garza Blanca

Fractional Real Estate at Garza Blanca

The idea behind fractional real estate opportunities at Garza Blanca Signature Residences is simple enough; the real estate division brings unrelated parties together to benefit from the perks of co-ownership that used to be reserved for families and friends who embarked on such ventures together.

Fractional Real Estate at Garza Blanca

Garza Blanca fractional ownership properties can be purchased in 1/12th (4 week) blocks. You get the same stunning residence, the same perks, the same amenities and privileges; all for a fraction of the usual cost. This type of arrangement is perfect for snowbirds, seasonal travellers, retirees and vacationers alike because it gives flexibility and freedom as well as great value.

How the Fractional Real Estate Schedule Works

The schedule of usage for any fractionally owned property through the Garza Blanca will be given to you at the time of purchase, and from then on will be delivered to you during your season so that you can plan your vacations in advance. You can trade your times with other owners if you wish, and the Fractional Trade Program will help you to see other places now and then.

Value for Money

Fractional real estate is also a very economically sensible; you only pay for the time that you can realistically use in your average working year. This means you’re never paying for “empty” time when you’re getting no use out of the house.

Fee simple Fractional Real Estate

There are more benefits, however, than the financial; you can treat your fraction like any other piece of property. You can sell it, rent it, use it, or otherwise dispose of it however you see fit.

Great Real Estate Investment

Of course, Fraction real estate at Garza Blanca can appreciate in value, and one of the great things about fractional ownership is that when yours does appreciate you own a share of that increase value. This means you can sell up and release the capital growth from your bricks and mortar whenever you choose to do so.


If you find you cannot use your allotted time, and you cannot swap it with someone else, or Garza Blanca will rent out your fraction for you. You could use the money to cover your maintenance fees and taxes.

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