Happiness Factor – What Makes Mexico the Top Place to Live

Happiness Factor - What Makes Mexico the Top Place to Live

Ever wondered what makes Mexico the top place to live for retirement? Why is Mexico such a popular location for retirement, second homes and relocation? Well, a recent study suggests that the “happiness factor” could be what attracts people south of the border.

What makes Mexico the top place to live?

Ranking as one of the best vacation destinations in the world and a common choice for retirement and snowbirds, Mexico is more than just a destination with great cuisine, beaches and margaritas. There is another important factor that encourages people to keep coming back and expats to relocate here: Mexican people are considered one of the happiest people in the world.

Ranking Happiness

According to leading research firms like Gallup, New Economics Foundation, the Happy Planet Index, and the World Happiness Report reported by the Mexico Daily News, Mexico ranks second as the happiest country in the world after Costa Rica. Despite its economic status being five times lower than the United States, Mexico ranks higher than its northern neighbors when its comes to perceptions of happiness and well being. This proves that being rich is not the only basis for happiness. So, what makes life in Mexico so joyful turning the country into the top place to live?

A Simple Lifestyle in Mexico

The most appealing part that attracts a lot of foreigners to life in Mexico is the slower-paced lifestyle. The laid-back atmosphere may not be very helpful when you are rushing around trying to get things done, but an unhurried lifestyle eventually brings greater peace. Happier and healthier lives can result from less stress. Although the majority of working residents in Mexico spend six days a week at work, they still find time to have a fun and spend time with family.

Positive thinking

Wellbeing is a broad term that we can use to explain that overall satisfaction we have with our lives. It is the state of experiencing comfort, health, and happiness. According to the studies, Mexican residents focus more on their blessings instead of complaining about the negative aspects of life, which is perhaps why they came out top when asked to reflect upon how happy they were with their lives. Part of what makes Mexico the top place to live is the way its people tend to look on the bright side of life.

Money and cost of living

Earning money is important for us to survive, but focusing on getting more wealth is not the central aspiration of the majority of Mexican people. According to the report, one factor that contributes to Mexico’s happy state is the low cost of living which motivates the people to be satisfied when living within their means. Most of the commodities in Mexico—from food, medical services, housing, and transportation—are cheaper when compared to other countries such as the United States and Canada.

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