How Law of Attraction Works for Real Estate

Want to own your second dream home? Then take a chance on using the power of positive thinking and the law of attraction to secure the best real estate purchase. Keep in mind the following tips to assist you in utilizing the power of the laws of the universe to secure your second home.

How law of attraction works for real estate

What you put out, you get back

The famous law of attraction teaches that we receive or attract what we put out there. In other words, “like attracts like.” So your experiences in life are a manifestation of what you think about the most. Therefore, if you want success in acquiring real estate, then you have to focus on imagining you already have that home instead of obsessing over your current circumstances or complaining about your current home. Make a list of all the wonderful things about your current home and celebrate them so that you next real estate purchase also has those fabulous features.

Visualize with a mood board

One great and fun way of using law of attraction to get the best real estate is to create a mood or vision board. Some people claim this should be done during a new moon – you decide. Get images from an assortment of magazines that have images representing what you want from your real estate investment. Create a collage of your images and see yourself enjoying the house as you make the collage. Choose images of luxuries you would like to have in the home, and get images of what you would like the view to look like from your family room or bedroom. Also, don’t forget to have a picture of your family in the middle of the vision board.

Focus on small steps

Focus on small steps

Congratulate yourself for each minor goal you achieve that helps you get closer to realizing ownership of your next home. It doesn’t matter about the cost because if you have a positive mindset, you will manifest what you envision yourself having. Know that every house you see that is out of budget, too big, too small, is taking your closer to what your really want. As law of attraction phenomenon, Abraham Hicks says, “knowing what you don’t want helps you clarify what you do want”.

Repeat Positive Affirmations

Create your own law of attraction mantras that help you stay focused on your goal of finding the right real estate for you. So when you are out looking for the home, say to yourself: “I have a home that is waiting on me,” or “When I think positive things, my dream home will come true.” The notion of mantras is to keep you functioning on positive vibrations so you can manifest positive results.

Follow your gut feelings

Pay attention to your hunches because when it comes to the law of attraction, nothing is left up to chance. This means following your gut even when it looks like the real estate property is located too far for you or priced too high. Who knows who you might encounter along the way that can help you get the resources needed to make that purchase happen.

Share your experiences of finding real estate using the law of attraction.

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