Mexican Real Estate Options

Mexico is a veritable delight when it comes to real estate options; whether you’re looking for a vacation villa in a tropical location, a townhouse for your new career, or you want to build your own dream home from scratch Mexico can and will deliver! Look at the opportunities which are calling to you;

Mexican Real Estate Options


In real estate terms, a condominium does not refer to a specific type of building, but rather a type of ownership and lifestyle. A condo is a type of ownership which involves buying or renting a unit in a larger building which generally has communal amenities like a gym, pool, or laundry room. You cannot make alterations to the communal areas, but your own unit is yours to decorate and renovate as you see fit. Lately condo options have become more and more common in Mexico; this is a popular style of living in the USA and Canada already, and with so many expats hailing from these regions it makes sense that developers would follow the trend.


A Condotel is a new concept, but it’s gaining popularity very quickly, especially in vacation hotspots like Mexico; a Condotel arrangement is the best of both homeownership and a hotel stay. In essence, it involves buying a suite or property on hotel grounds and getting access to all of the hotels services!


Houses that are available as Mexican real estate are traditionally two storeys high (perhaps one or two more in large cities), and they tend to have a central courtyard designed to keep the home cool during the sweltering Mexican summer. Modern houses have switched from this style to a more European or North American blueprint.

Villas and mansions

“Villa” has long been a byword for luxury, exclusivity, and opulence; villas originated with the Romans. In Rome Villas were the homes of the rich and powerful, inhabited when they needed some downtime and relaxation. The term Villa still summons images of elegant and beautifully maintained interiors, but the style and size of the building can vary more these days.


An apartment in a large building or complex can generally be rented or bought outright, and they can vary greatly in size and style. Apartments are the most common and easily found style of Mexican real estate in most countries (especially in larger cities).

Construct your own dream home

Building your own home is something that many people dream of but never ever get round to doing; Mexico could be your big chance! Your US and Canadian dollars may stretch just that little bit farther and so you could have your dream! Just be sure to ask around for a reliable and reputable contractor and make sure that you are present to make important decisions and guide the process so that you do, indeed, end up with the home you have always wanted.

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