Puerto Vallarta Traditional Ownership Opportunities

Find out all you need to know about Puerto Vallarta traditional Ownership opportunities in this easy to read article about Banderas Bay Real Estate.

An Overview of Ownership Opportunities in Puerto Vallarta

Condominium ownership, whether full or fractional dominates the real estate scene of Puerto Vallarta, and is, according to statistics, the top preference for those planning to make this Mexican hot spot their second home. Houses are also available for traditional ownership in Puerto Vallarta, although most offered on the market today are re-sale properties because developers in Puerto Vallarta are focusing on condos rather than houses. Private builds are more common as investors purchase land and have homes built on independent plots, although these properties are more likely to found on the outskirts of Puerto Vallarta on the South Shore or north towards Punta Mita.

Modern Trends in Homeownership in Puerto Vallarta

Ownership trends have also changed in Puerto Vallarta: as buyers are looking for smaller units as opposed to mansions, although swimming pools are still an essential feature that investors are looking for, which is why condominium ownership is so popular. The tendency for modern builds with chic contemporary decor is also taking favor over traditional Mexican designs. Those people looking for buy-to-rent style properties are also back on the rise after the economic slump, as Puerto Vallarta remains one of the safest destinations in Mexico and an increasingly popular choice for foreign visitors.

Benefits of Full Ownership Condominiums

What makes condominium living attractive is the easiness that go with it; the reason why it’s the preferred choice of many busy individuals. There are no elaborate preparations to beautify and you can just simply lock it when you’re leaving.  Maintenance is not that high and worrisome because it’s shared among all residents.  Locations are generally ideal, either close to downtown Puerto Vallarta where you can quickly access restaurants, shops, cafes and bars or in exclusive areas near the best beaches and nature preserves.

Benefits of Full Ownership Houses

There’s appreciation, pride and sense of accomplishment when owning a full time home either new or second hand.  If you think you can’t be satisfied purchasing an already constructed one or a used house, then just look for a lot where you can start designing and building your dream home.  You’ll also get privacy, and your sleep won’t be annoyed by noisy neighbors who all seem nocturnal.  Customization according to your taste is at hand; you can build a small fishpond or landscape your own green garden.  Puerto Vallarta with its majestic surroundings, offers homes that are near waterways and other natural attractions like the sea and lush forest mountains. You can even feel secured and totally safeguarded as many full-time homes are built within gated communities.

Why full ownership?

Full ownership of a second home in Puerto Vallarta brings with it a host of benefits, not least, reaffirming your status. The beauty of full ownership in Puerto Vallarta is that you can arrive to your home away from home whenever you wish, no reservations necessary, and you can share it with friends and family at a whim. Also, if ever you find yourself unable to make use of your second home, you can turn your property’s idle time into an income generating investment by renting it out.  This way you can have money to spend on its maintenance cost that may weigh heavily on your shoulder.

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