Drinking the Water in Mexico

Drinking the Water in Mexico

Of course, it depends on who you talk to in Mexico, you may be told that the tap water is safe and potable or, you may be told that the water isn’t fit to even brush your teeth with. Drinking the water in Mexico depends on where the tap is located if it is healthy for consumption. Many of the cities and towns have the best public water systems available and the residents are happy to drink the water straight from their tap, but you should know that every place isn’t safe and the water is not potable water safe. You must know for a fact that the water is potable before you drink it, and you always have the option of drinking bottled and filtered water.

How is water delivered?

Drinking the water in Mexico can be safe. Many of the homes in Mexico have their water delivered to them in three different ways. The first way is by mains-feed, a communal feed source (local water springs) or collecting rainwater during rainy season, and being delivered by a truck. The urban towns and cities all have their water provided to them by mains-fed, and properties outside of these areas is usually supplied from a communally-run system. Some of the properties also have large cisterns where trucks will bring water to them.

Homeowners in Mexico

Many homeowners in Mexico will install an on-site water filtration system, and the water filtration system will provide tap filtered water right from the homeowner’s property’s water system and supply. Good news if you are afraid to drink the water and that is bottled water can be found just about anywhere in Mexico. There is a small hand size bottle all the way up to a 20-liter, which is also referred to as “Garrafon”. The bottled water can be purchased at convenience stores, supermarkets, street traders, pharmacies, and water companies. The large 20-liter bottles are usually delivered to factories, homes, and offices.

In Mexico, if you purchase any property, then you should consider installing a 3-way filter system. The 3-way filter system will ensure that at all times you have drinkable water. If you would rather not install the filter system, then you can choose to buy the 20-liter garrafones just as most of the Mexicans do.

Hotels, Condos and Restaurants

Most of the large Mexican hotels and up-scale smaller hotels have their own purification system located on their property, so the water is safe and potable. The hotels will still offer their guests with a complimentary bottle of purified water in each room, and each day when the maid cleans the room she will replenish the bottled water at no charge to you. This is still done even if the tap water is safe to drink. All of the restaurants in Mexico provided bottled water, but it does cost. You can ask for a glass of water, but you may get tap water or bottled water.

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