Enjoying Art in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

If you’re an art lover who loves great vacations, there’s no greater place for you to go than Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  Enjoying its magnificent beaches and admiring its exquisite arts is a double treat.  Puerto Vallarta’s flourishing art industry is very evident with its countless art galleries, stores and markets located within its public areas.  You’ll never run out of artistic things to admire as art is alive and kicking here in Puerto Vallarta.


Enjoying Art in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta’s reputation as an art haven in Mexico is strengthened by the presence of  galleries that abound within its borders.  You can find a variety of works created by famous Mexican local artists like Javier Nino, Manuel Lepe Macedo and Rogelio Diaz.  From paintings to sculptures; handcrafted jewelries and prints. It will satisfy every art follower’s craving for creative workmanship.

Huichol Art in Puerto Vallarta

No one knows great artistry than the local Native American ethnic group, the Huichol.  Their art is dazzling, colorful and impressive.  It is characterized by the use of mixed beads and beeswax sealed threads which are combined to produce an enchanting piece of art.  If you’re fortunate enough, you can find some wonderful examples of Huichol art in many of Puerto Vallarta’s craft markets.  The art world in Mexico  is very much alive and kicking in this bustling part of Mexico.  The Malecon boardwalk is one stretch to explore, where traditional Mexican art is put into the limelight.

A Puerto Vallarta Malecon sunset walk is made all the more magical with the presence of sculptures that can be sighted along the way.  They were created by homegrown artists like Ramiz Barquet, Alejandro Colunga, Jonas Gutierrez and Sergio Bustamante.  Also, you will find caricature artists, finger painters and human statues, that will leave you spellbound as you continue on with your Malecon lazy stroll.

If you haven’t seen enough, a weekly ArtWalk is held every Wednesday evening from the months of October until May.  You can get some freebies like a shot of tequila and other fun treats.  This is artistic event is organized by the art galleries to treat art lovers as they showcase a variety of artwork. On the south side of town, you also have the Southside Shuffle, which involves the galleries on Basilio Badillo, which takes place on Thursday evenings during the high season. At both of these art events, you can meet and enjoy socializing with artists and other art enthusiasts.  A time for endless discussions about art preferences and experiences that only Puerto Vallarta can give.

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