Have You Considered a Home by the Sea?

Most people have, at some point, considered the possibility of living by the sea. Perhaps for the health benefits, for the views, or even just because they love the ocean. But if you haven’t thought about it, let us give you the case for a seaside home in Mexico.



Health and Wellbeing

The benefits of seaside dwelling have often been extolled, but did you know that a lot of it is actually true? Living by the ocean can be beneficial for your health. The sea air, for example, is charged with negative ions which help with oxygen absorption within the body. The sounds of the waves on the sand, as well, has the benefit of altering brain waves to promote relaxation and better sleep when you live in a home by the sea. Plus, when the coast you’re on is in Mexico, you’re guaranteed to get your daily does of Vitamin D. All of this bands together to produce a raise in your overall wellbeing and health.

Food and Exercise

When you opt for a home by the sea on the Mexican coast it’s hard not to be a lover of seafood! The seafood along the coast is caught daily – you can’t get fresher than that! When you stay in places like Puerto Vallarta you can access tasty seafood like Mahi Mahi, Oysters, Tuna and Langostinos year round. If you really want to do it like a local you can buy your seafood directly from the fishermen, too, and cut out the supermarkets.

And to burn off all the decadent dishes you can make with these marine delights you need to turn to a pricey gym! When you live by the ocean exercise can be gained in many different ways, and can often be free! A relaxing swim can burn up to 200 calories and tones most of the muscles in your body. Paddle-boarding will work your core muscles (as will surfing and beachcombing) and kayaking will tone your arms! A home by the sea can keep you in shape!

Seafaring day and night activities

Boating is one of the most popular activities, in all its forms, in places like Puerto Vallarta and Cancun. You can enjoy a sport fishing tour during the day, visit some of the islands in the area, or go out to choice snorkelling and diving spots. By night you can enjoy pleasure and booze cruises.

There are so many benefits to buying a home by the sea. Add your experiences in the comments box.

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