Healthcare and Hospitals in Puerto Vallarta

Healthcare and Hospitals in Puerto Vallarta

Whether it’s for a few months of the year or full time, making your home in Puerto Vallarta is an exciting, inspiring, albeit slightly daunting step. For many people healthcare is one of the foremost concerns on their mind when considering a move, but in Puerto Vallarta this need not be a worry at all! Puerto Vallarta has a selection of excellent hospitals and healthcare professionals. You’ll even find that the private healthcare and hospitals are more affordable in Puerto Vallarta.

Private Healthcare and Hospitals in Puerto Vallarta

Whichever you choose the wonderful private hospitals in Puerto Vallarta will not disappoint! Which you choose will depend upon the location and price – the doctors found at any one of the available hospitals are professional, caring and competent. You will also find that for minor healthcare needs, like renewing a prescription or getting advice on minor health problems visiting a doctor can cost you as little as just a few dollars.

Hospital Cornerstone Puerto Vallarta

This hospital is ideally located for those people living on the South Shore on in Puerto Vallarta’s Old Town. Here you will find modern technology including MRI machines, CAT scans, cardiac services and dialysis as well as a level IV trauma unit. The doctors here are bilingual and the hospital accepts Canadian and U.S insurance.

San Javier Hospital

San Javier hospital is known as one of the city’s top hospitals. San Javier is very easy to access as it is found in front of the Marina on the main highway which means there is easy access from both north and southwards of the bay. This hospital has a top trauma centre; the ICU at San Javier is manned 24 hours a day and most of the staff are bilingual which makes it more comfortable for expats. Whether you’re having a baby or need long term care San Javier is one of the best options available; San Javier has top of the line facilities and technology.

Amerimed Hospital

At Amerimed hospital you will find US board trained doctors; Amerimed is open 24/7 and offers emergency care to those who need it. The trauma centre has US trained paramedics in the ambulances so that non-Spanish speakers will feel comfortable in emergency situations, too. If needs be they also have air service to Guadalajara and the USA, which makes it one of the best hospitals in Puerto Vallarta.

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