Living the Hottest Months in Puerto Vallarta

Having a beachfront condo in Puerto Vallarta is one way to escape from the hot, humid summer days. The beautiful view of the ocean, and the breeze that it provides can keep you cool when it is hot. If that doesn’t work for you to stay cool, then you can shut the doors and windows in your condo, and turn up the air conditioning. You’re still living the dream of owning a beachfront condo in Puerto Vallarta. During the hottest months of summer, you will have no choice, but to deal with sticky, humid afternoons. If you are wanting to keep your cooling cost low, then turning the air conditioner on might not be the first choice, but I have figured out some great ways to lower cooling costs.

Cook less indoors


You should refrain from indoor heat usage in your home to help keep your home cool. Cooking indoors is one of the biggest indoor heat usages. Do you notice when you start cooking indoors your home immediately heats up? Try cooking on a grill outdoors, and also use fluorescent lighting. Not only are the fluorescent lighting producing less heat, they are also energy efficient.

Get the air moving

Do you know that just moving the air one mile per hour can make your home in Puerto Vallarta feel degrees cooler? One way to move the air is by using ceiling fans. The blades on the ceiling fan must be pointed toward the ground to move the air. Portable fans work well too, especially in rooms where the ceiling fan isn’t moving the air. Using fans to move the air will allow you to lower the temperature setting on your air conditioner, and you will stay cool.

Choose Appropriate Clothing

Choose appropriate clothing to wear during the hot summer months in Puerto Vallarta. Clothes should be light colored, natural fabrics, and never made of any type of synthetic materials. Cotton or linen clothing is great for summer months, and these materials feel good on the skin, and look good too! Before you put your clothing on, then take a bit of talcum powder, and sprinkle it on your body. This will help you stay cool and sweat less.

Use Blinds, Shades, and Drapes

Using blinds, shades, and drapes will keep the hot heat from the sun from entering your home. You can even purchase blinds that are recommended to block UV rays, and you still will have privacy at your Puerto Vallarta beachfront condo. The blinds should be a lighter color, so the UV rays are reflected.

Go to a Cool Location – In the mid-afternoon on hot, humid days in Puerto Vallarta you should go to a cool location. A movie theater is one of the coolest locations to go to. The theater is dark, cool, and comfortable. You can also go to a diner that has air conditioning or even do some shopping at the mall.

Annual Maintenance of your AC

When you have tried everything, and you just can’t handle the heat in Puerto Vallarta, then use your air conditioner. You want your air conditioner to run properly, so your home is cool, and to do this you need to have annual maintenance. The annual maintenance should include a filter change, Freon charge, and a cleaning of the unit. You should also have your home securely sealed, as this will keep any of the cool air from escaping from your home.

Keep yourself hydrated


Also, drink plenty of water during these times, as it will keep you cool and hydrated. Keep one thing in mind. In just a few weeks it will be October here in Puerto Vallarta, and the weather is wonderful, and your friends will be back at home dealing with cold snowy weather.

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