Puerto Vallarta’s Best Beaches

The regions in and around Puerto Vallarta have a host of spectacular beaches worth visiting. Some of Puerto Vallarta’s beaches are perfect for romantic swimming, and others are perfect for a variety of water sports. The following list is a compilation of the best that Puerto Vallarta and its surrounding area has to offer when it comes to having the perfect beach vacation.

Puerto Vallarta’s Best Beaches

In Puerto Vallarta

Playa Los Muertos
This beach is situated on the south side of Puerto Vallarta. Tourists and locals love this beach because the shallow waves make it a great place to swim. The land is very sandy, and several bars and restaurants are situated along the long stretch of this beach. There are a lot of stores and markets lining the beach that will try to get you to buy things but only if they think you are not a resident of the beach. The night shines bright in multicolored lights on the pier at the edge of Los Muertos Beach.

Playa Camarones
Just a few steps from the start of the Malecon boardwalk lies Playa Camarones. The beach is so clean that it received certification for it. This beach has less stores and markets than Los Muertos, and it’s also wider. There are also more local residents and people on vacation here, but the strength of the ocean current makes means that swimmers should take care and follow the indications of the flags. This beach has lifeguards during high season.

Playa Pelicanos
Playa Pelicanos is a peaceful beach that stretches from the Sheraton and ends up behind Plaza Genovesa. Many locals and travelers come to this beach to bask in the tranquility of this slow paced environment. Between the Sheraton and Plaza Genovesa is a line of other hotels that offer plenty of breathtaking beach front views where you can relax and watch the low waves.

Playa El Saldo (Marina Beach)
This is a quiet beach surrounding the Mayan Palace Marina Hotel and the Melia Hotel. If you want to see a real nice beach in Puerto Vallarta, this is the one to see. Just take a ride on one of the tour buses and enjoy the beautiful sights and calm sounds that can only be found here.

Beaches Near Puerto Vallarta


Playa Bucerias
This beach is north of Nuevo Vallarta and has a street running alongside the whole stretch of the beach. It has a relaxed atmosphere and offers nice cuisine at the local restaurants. The water is children friendly and is great for swimming because of the low tides.

Playa Nuevo Vallarta
This lengthy beach is located in Nuevo Vallarta and goes as far down as Bucerias where a range of large hotels are situated. You can locate a spot on the beach that is quiet, or you can go to a more populated area if you desire. The terrain of this beach is flat and wide, and the water is shallow with strong, rough waves that make for exciting water fun.

Playa Destiladeras
For those who come to the beach to relax, you can find quiet nooks and great swimming spots here just like the ones on Nuevo Vallarta Beach. There are also specialized locations set aside for learning to surf and boogie-boarding. Although this beach is a Mexican favorite, you can always find an available spot when you go there.

Punta Mita (or Playa Anclote)
If you’re looking for a great beach where you can also shop and dine, Punta Mita is the right spot for you. There are nice restaurants, surf shops, and other markets situated along the stretch of this island. You can also get paddle boarding lessons at the local paddle boarding shop if you are interested . The northernmost tip houses famous millionaires, so you may recognize some of them.


Boca de Tomatlan

If you’re looking for a beach that functions more like a port stop, then take a bus from Old Town and travel to Boca de Tomatlan. You can reach beaches like Yelapa, Quimixto, and La Animas from Boca de Tomatlan’s port. The beach stretches along the River Tomatlan and has a line of restaurants offering fresh fish meals and beer.

Garza Blanca Beach
Garza Blanca Beach stands out with the only beach with white sand in Puerto Vallarta. A typical Puerto Vallarta beach has light yellow sand, but Garza Blanca has more of a Caribbean look because of its palm trees and turquoise water color. There is a public access portion of the beach, but the most cherished and eye-appealing part is the private beach section at Garza Blanca Signature Residences.

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