Puerto Vallarta’s Malecon, a Picturesque Boardwalk

A loved and cherished feature in Puerto Vallarta is the Malecon. The beautiful ocean view that is featured on the boardwalk is a mile in length, and has a strong sea wall that protects all the shops and restaurants from the mighty Pacific Ocean that feeds Banderas Bay. One of the main focal points of downtown Puerto Vallarta is the Malecon, because of all the features and benefits that it provides to vacationers. Vacationers can enjoy the beauty of the coastline without getting sand in their shoes.

The Picturesque Boardwalk in Puerto Vallarta
Vacationers who come to Puerto Vallarta should make it a point to see the Malecon, because you can do some souvenir shopping here, visit a bar, go dancing in a nightclub, and enjoy a great dinner. Having dinner on the Malecon is spectacular, because the sunset will leave you breathless as it is sets over Banderas Bay.

Vacationers in Puerto Vallarta will benefit from the renovations that were done to the Malecon in 2011. You can now walk under palm trees, smell the flowers that are in the flower beds, and enjoy the beautiful tropical plants. The ground along the Malecon honors the tribes of Puerto Vallarta. Amazing pebble work was etched into the ground featuring Huichol symbols of animals and cosmos. When you see this amazing pebble work, you will see how detailed it was done with.

While you walk down Puerto Vallarta’s boardwalk you will notice in several areas that local Mexican artists have created sculptures. If you would love to know about the Jalisco and Nayarit’s heritage, then you can get information from the Galeria Pacifico.

Also, near the end of the Malecon, a new pier was built in Old Town. On the new pier you can take a boat taxi to see some of the other wonderful beaches that Puerto Vallarta has to offer, but you have to remember that you can only get to these beaches by boat.

Free concerts and live entertainment can be seen at the outdoor amphitheater, which is close to the Our Lady of Guadalupe church or the plaza. This is an excellent place to see local artists, merchants, and performers.

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