Schools for Expats in Puerto Vallarta

There are top schools for expats in Puerto Vallarta. Check below about the top schools in Puerto Vallarta for expats.

  1. The American School of Puerto Vallarta

The American School of Puerto Vallarta is one of the top schools for expats in Puerto Vallarta, and it is one of the most famous schools too. The school is located in Puerto Vallarta’s exclusive Marina neighborhood. The school doesn’t follow the SEP Mexican curriculum, but the curriculum and guidelines of the educational system in the United States. The American School of Puerto Vallarta also recognizes the same holidays as the USA, so this is perfect for expats. The American School of Puerto Vallarta has some of the best facilities as it has a large playground, a swimming pool, football fields, and several tennis courts. The teachers have the best qualifications in each subject no matter if they are English or Spanish. The school caters to children from the ages of two through eighteen years of age and the school provides smaller classrooms.

  1. Instituto De Las Americas Bilingue (IAB)

In the Las Gaviotas neighborhood is the small, but thriving Instituto De Las Americas Bilingue (IAB) school. There are different levels of programs for the IAB school. The preschool level is for children from two years – six years and the studies are the Montessori programme. Each of the class rooms are surrounded by a beautiful courtyard that is shaded with palm trees. The children are nurtured and inspired by English and Spanish teachers. The next level is the Primary Level and this level is for children first through the sixth grades and all grades are bilingual. The IAB has recently just opened up another school that is for students in the ninth grade. This school is affordable and has a nice and friendly staff.

  1. The British American School

One of the most sought out and popular bilingual schools in Puerto Vallarta is the British American School, which is in the neighborhood of Versailles. This is a larger school that has a good facility and the teachers are foreign educators with degrees. The school has modern classrooms with the best equipment. The school is near the swimming school and restaurants, which is easy to access. The school is for all ages of children from kinder through high school and French is now being offered as a third language.

  1. La Casa Azul

One of the best preschools in Puerto Vallarta is the La Casa Azul. The La Casa Azul caters to young children that can walk up to children six years. The preschool emphasizes on providing a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, so children can wear their own clothes and they don’t even have to wear shoes inside the school. The classrooms are small and the school is eco-friendly as they try to use as many recycled materials as they can. There is a beautiful garden located where the sunshine hit it and there is also a leafy, shaded area with flower beds, sliding boards, and a sand box. The children are taught about how food is grown and the nature, then each week the children pick items grown in the garden and make a healthy recipe for their family to make.

  1. Kindergym and Gymboree

Located in Nuevo Vallarta, which is just north of Puerto Vallarta is a bilingual preschool called Kindergym. The preschool is for children thirteen months through six years of age. The school is a modern school that has the best equipment. The school is small enough to create a united bond between the parents, children, and the school. The play garden has playground equipment for the children to play on. The classroom are always clean and tidy. Children that attend the Kindergym can also use the facilities of the Gymboree, which is located next to the Kindergym. The Gymboree has music, art and preschool classes for children each day and there is also a play area that is padded and soft for the children.

These are the top schools for expats in Puerto Vallarta, although there are others not listed here.

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